In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The importance of a positive growth mindset
  • Differences between fixed vs. growth mindset
  • Top micro-resilience strategies

Building Resilience and a Positive Mindset
In partnership with The American Happiness Project 

After a journey interviewing more than  500 people across the United States, Michelle Wax, founder of The American Happiness Project, has learned the true science behind the “pursuit of happiness.”  

The second webinar of our mental health awareness series, we welcome you to join us for a discussion about how healthcare organizations and their employees can apply Michelle’s findings to their personal and professional lives. You will learn how to fortify a mindset of resilience and positivity through using the science of the brain to your advantage. 

Michelle Wax is the founder of The American Happiness Project, a movement across 50 states focused on creating more joy, energy, and connection in the everyday. Michelle works with top companies, organizations, and schools across the USA to help teams move beyond burnout, create peace and focus, and build positive mindsets through workshops + accountability programs. In 2019, she produced the 50 state American Happiness documentary, and leads the American Happiness CONNECTION community. Prior to founding American Happiness Project — Wax founded two companies in the food industry, which she sold in 2019. She has been praised to be "incredibly knowledgeable, relate-able, and approachable" and she "brings great energy that very few are able to bring to the online world".

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