2021 Predictions
A year of pivotal change in healthcare

The events of 2020 drastically changed talent management strategies for most healthcare organizations.

As we look ahead to planning for 2021, many priorities that were left behind last year will resurface, leaving HR leaders and talent executives with the challenge of determining priorities between old goals and newly emerging business needs.

We believe that 2021 will be a year of pivotal change for the healthcare industry – and that there are key areas that HR leaders must focus on to position themselves for success in 2021 and beyond.

Download our free eBook and gain access to our on-demand webinar to learn about our 2021 healthcare predictions that align to five specific initiatives:

  • Rethinking modern hiring strategies
  • Talent development as a competitive advantage
  • Healthcare workforce optimization
  • The growth of telehealth and telework
  • Making the business case for HR-specific investments


David Wilkins

Chief Strategy Officer


Maureen McGinness

Senior Director of Marketing, HealthcareSource


Martha Abercrombie

Product Marketing Strategist, HealthcareSource

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