From Disruption to Transformation: Rethinking COVID-19
Balancing Quality Care & Financial Strength

Coronavirus turned the healthcare industry upside down. Government intervention and early COVID-19 infection clusters led to hiring challenges at hospitals, many of which already had long-term recruiting and retention issues.

Fast forward to now: your HR team is still facing hiring challenges in the middle of a pandemic. But what if we told you that building a new talent strategy that addresses new and old challenges could save your hospital millions of dollars AND help you provide the highest quality of care to your patients?

Join our on-demand webinar hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review to learn:

  • How solving problems that reemerged during COVID-19 will bring long-term value to the financial health of your business
  • Market drivers that are impacting talent-related expense management in the wake of COVID-19
  • Which talent management strategies could lead to $1M+ savings while improving the quality of your staff


David Wilkins

Chief Strategy Officer

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