COVID-19 Impact on Senior Care Hiring

Hiring in senior care has drastically changed since this time last year. As noted in our guide, Coronavirus had a major impact on important recruitment metrics such as total applications, average time-to-fill and many others.

Unfortunately, it’s not over yet. COVID-19 will likely continue affecting your recruitment efforts and “how” you hire, but there are steps you can take today to evolve your strategy during and after the pandemic. These steps will help you attract top talent and connect with candidates quickly, yielding the hiring results you’re looking for so you can provide quality care to your residents and patients.

Watch our discussion with a group of experts to:

  • Understand COVID-19’s impact on hiring in senior care through year-over-year data analysis
  • Hear from your top performing peers on the recruitment tactics that are working well for them
  • Receive actionable advice on how you can improve your hiring strategies now for future success


David Wilkins

Chief Strategy Officer, HealthcareSource


Martha Abercrombie, SPHR

Product Marketing Strategist, HealthcareSource

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