Jumpstart Your Journey to Recruitment Marketing
How to optimize your talent acquisition strategy in a new recruiting era

Top-performing talent acquisitions teams leverage recruitment marketing technology to gain operational efficiencies and attract top talent. They do this by pivoting their recruiting strategies from a job-centric, transactional approach into a highly data-driven and candidate-centric experience.

LinkedIn data confirms that 90% of candidates are open to hearing from organizations at any time, which means now is the time to deploy this proactive, relationship-building approach to help eliminate your talent shortages.

To help you get started, HealthcareSource and Fusion Marketing Group have joined forces to operationalize the candidate journey by applying consumer marketing principles and techniques through a healthcare-focused talent acquisition lens. Afterall, candidates are consumers, too.

Watch our on-demand webinar to receive:

  • Industry insights on healthcare organizations’ readiness to adopt recruitment marketing strategies
  • Expert advice on employer branding and marketing best practices
  • A sneak peek at technology and tools that help transform candidate engagement and deliver exceptional consumer-driven candidate experiences


Pat Bassermann

Senior Product Marketing Manager, HealthcareSource


Daniel Reynolds

VP Client Services, Fusion Marketing Group


Robin Weisman

Digital Marketing Manager,
Fusion Marketing Group

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