A Refresher on PPE Usage While Fighting COVID-19
A course that could help save the lives of our frontline caregivers

As our nation works to beat COVID-19, frontline caregivers are exposed to patients infected by the virus every day. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is their key defense against infection.

In reality, a study published by JAMA found that even experienced professionals sometimes did not take appropriate precautions against infectious agent transmission, suggesting that additional training as reinforcement is critical now that COVID-19 has struck the nation.

To help healthcare organizations in the fight to minimize the spread of COVID-19, HealthcareSource is partnering with knowledge engineering and training company Amplifire to distribute its course, Infection Prevention and Control Essentials – Rapid Refresher.

The course, created by Amplifire in collaboration with ECRI and leading academic institutions, identifies common PPE pitfalls and provides a refresher on use of PPE in ways that could help reduce risks of spreading the disease unknowingly – ultimately, saving lives.

Watch our on-demand webinar for an overview of Amplifire’s adaptive learning platform and course demo, as well as a live Q&A with our speakers who will directly address the need for proper PPE usage.


Brent James, MD, MStat

National Academy of Medicine
Clinical Professor, CERC
Stanford Univ. School of Medicine


David Wilkins

Chief Strategy Officer


Bob Burgin

Chairman and CEO


Bryan Bushick, MD, MBA

General Manager Healthcare & Chief Healthcare Innovation Officer, Amplifire 

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