Healthcare Workforce Trends by the Advisory Board

One out of three new hires leave their organization less than a year after starting, creating unexpected expenses and extra work and frustration to your hospital staff. Do you have a prevention plan to retain your talent.

It all begins with your hiring strategy and the ability to fill positions in need quickly – while also bringing in quality employees. Join us for a discussion with the Advisory Board to learn everything you need to know about the future healthcare workforce, including actionable insights on how to build a hiring strategy that benefits your organization

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll also learn about six major trends in healthcare that will affect your future workforce, including:

  • The fastest growing roles (Hint: It’s not doctors or nurses!)
  • Pros and cons of technology advancements
  • Top needs talent will seek in an employer


Micha’le Simmons, MHA

Advisory Board

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