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Balancing Technology: The Value of Data-Driven Automation

Imagine a world without repetitive, mundane tasks. With data-driven automation, we are closer to that world than ever before. In the realm of healthcare staffing, we can improve efficiency and results through automation. But how far should it go? What should we automate, and what still needs a human touch?

HealthcareSource has partnered with JobRobotix to bring you this on-demand webinar all about data-driven automation and the roles it should (and shouldn't) play in your hiring and fulfillment processes. Join us for an interesting perspective on the growing role of automation in the healthcare staffing industry.

You will learn how to:

  • Drive success through VMS-to-ATS data automation and system integration
  • Use data automation to take your employees from apathetic to engaged
  • Balance data-driven automation with people-driven tasks for the best results
  • Deliver unforgettable client experiences by mixing technology with human interaction

Speakers: Doug Kloos, VP of Product Management, JobRobotix; and Manny Gagliardi, Director of Product Strategy, Contingent Care, HealthcareSource