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Become an Elite Healthcare Recruiter with The Recruiter Academy

Want to up your game as a healthcare recruiter? Get ready for The Recruiter Academy.

Watch this webinar replay to learn about The Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR) Program — a web-based education program, that's 100% designed for healthcare recruiters and concentrates on the key areas proven to have the greatest impact on recruitment performance and talent acquisition. We will provide an overview of the RACR program and share the experience of organizations whose recruiting teams have completed the RACR program, and successfully mastered the fundamentals of healthcare recruiting.

The Recruiter Academy curriculum focuses on the challenges that healthcare recruiters face each day including:

  • Handling unrealistic hiring manager expectations and driving a lean, efficient hiring process
  • Managing your time when you have shifting priorities, difficult to fill positions and large requisition loads
  • Identifying top talent when you have limited time and money for sourcing
  • Engaging top talent — getting them to call you back, building rapport, and soliciting interest
  • Landing top talent — the art and science of candidate assessment, negotiation, and defusing competitive/counter offers
Speaker: David Szary, Founder, The Recruiter Academy and Sr. Vice President, Recruiting Services, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource