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Identifying and Managing Competencies in the Modern Health Care Workforce

The modern health care environment is dynamic and patient-centric. In order to provide the kind of high-quality care needed in today’s health care environment, your workforce not only needs to possess a distinctive set of competencies, but also must continually improve and develop their competencies. These competencies are essential to deliver a high-quality patient experience.

In this webinar replay, Dr. Frederick P. Morgeson will review recent research on the key competencies that are needed for success in the healthcare environment, including a recent competency survey of over 200 healthcare professionals.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Identify key healthcare competencies
  • Assess applicant and employee competencies
  • Manage and develop competencies in your healthcare workforce

Speaker: Frederick P. Morgeson, PhD, Scientific Advisor, HealthcareSource and Eli Broad Professor of Management, The Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University