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Building a Patient-Centered Workforce® Webinar Series — How Investing in Recruitment Marketing Helps to Deliver Quality Patient Care

This is the fifth webinar in our series: Building a Patient-Centered Workforce®.

In this webinar replay, two healthcare talent management experts highlight key ways that recruitment marketing can help you attract a higher caliber of candidates to join your talent pool, easily search internal and external candidates for job openings, and establish an ongoing relationship with candidates in your area.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Filling critical positions faster to ensure that patient care levels remain high
  • Reducing time-to-fill and expenses such as overtime and agency costs
  • Encouraging the best healthcare talent to apply for your open positions
  • Providing an excellent candidate experience every time they interact with your brand
  • Filling revenue-generating roles, particularly in outpatient profit centers

And you'll learn about our new offering — HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing℠ powered by Talemetry — that enables recruiters to work within a single solution to implement modern recruitment strategies to source candidates, build talent pools, and to optimize recruitment efforts through real-time analytics.

Speakers: David Szary, Sr. Vice President, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource, Founder, The Recruiter Academy, and David Wilkins, Chief Marketing Officer, HeatlhcareSource