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Building a Patient-Centered Workforce™ Webinar Series — How Performance Management Drives Patient Care

This is the third webinar in our series: Building a Patient-Centered Workforce™.

In this webinar replay, HealthcareSource talent management experts discuss the role performance management plays in delivering quality patient-centered care.

We share key ways leadership development can impact your organization’s quality of care and business outcomes. You’ll learn how employee development practices support ongoing performance management and empower your employees..

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Trends impacting healthcare talent, such as those impacting employee engagement
  • Measuring the behavioral competencies that are the pillars of your organization
  • Leadership development strategies that can help you strengthen your workforce

Speakers: Tabitha Lane, Director of Product Strategy, HealthcareSource and Collin Spink, Assoc. Product Marketing ManagerHealthcareSource