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Building a Patient-Centered Workforce™ Webinar Series — How Lean Recruiting Drives Patient Care

This is the second webinar in our series: Building a Patient-Centered Workforce™

In this webinar replay, two healthcare talent management experts discuss the current trends in healthcare today and the role that talent acquisition plays in delivering patient-centered care.

David Szary and David Wilkins will share three key ways that recruiting practices can impact quality of care and business outcomes. You'll learn how to better frame your recruiting needs, particularly around budget and headcount, as a cornerstone element of both patient care and business strategies.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Current challenges and trends in healthcare, such as staffing shortages and continuity of care
  • Lean recruitment strategies that will help you overcome talent shortages by rethinking recruiting practices and resource allocation
  • The importance of recruiting practices when building a Patient-Centered Workforce

Speakers: David Szary, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Recruiting Services, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource and David Wilkins, Chief Marketing Officer, HealthcareSource