Building a Patient-Centered Workforce #1 — Best Practices from Tomah Memorial Hospital

This is the first webinar in the series: Building a Patient Centered Workforce™.

View this webinar replay to learn the importance of a Patient-Centered Workforce and hear directly from Tomah Memorial Hospital, who shares the approaches they are taking within their organization to ensure they retain highly-engaged people who can deliver quality care, and how the use of technology can help.

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Healthcare trends and challenges impacting talent management
  • Building a Patient-Centered Workforce — how and why it’s important
  • Recruitment, performance, and learning strategies to help build a Patient-Centered Workforce
  • Best practices from Tomah Memorial Medical Center

Guest Speakers: Brenda Reinert, Director of HR and Britnie Rewey, HR Generalist, Tomah Memorial Hospital

What Is a Patient-Centered Workforce?

A Patient-Centered Workforce is made of highly-engaged people and teams who endeavor to provide patient-centered care. It honors the whole person and family, respects individual values and choices, and ensures continuity of care. When care is patient-centered, patients will say, "They gave me exactly the help I want (and need) exactly when I want (and need) it." This can exist only when you select, align, develop, and continuously retain highly-engaged people.