Myth vs. Reality: A Dedicated Healthcare ATS vs. An HRIS ATS
A 5-page guide that breaks down the difference

We’ve all heard the argument before: The ATS that comes with an HRIS is “free” and it’s easier to manage one system. But if you investigate the legitimacy of this claim, does it have merit? We say no.

Cutting corners with an HRIS ATS could cost you millions of unforeseen expenses because it’s not just software that costs money. It’s also wishful thinking to believe your HR team will not need any other recruiting tools to adequately do their jobs.

In this guide, we debunk three common myths and explain why an ATS built for healthcare is far superior than an HRIS ATS for successful hiring, quality care and the financial health of your business. Read on to understand:

  • How an HRIS ATS could vastly increase the total cost of recruitment due to unforeseen expenses
  • The benefits of a full-featured talent acquisition suite designed specifically for healthcare
  • Three concrete ways to make the business case for investing in a dedicated healthcare ATS

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