Recruitment Optimization in Healthcare: The Journey from Good to Elite

In an era where competition for top healthcare talent is fierce, one of the best ways to succeed is to develop an elite talent acquisition team. Recruitment optimization focuses on building the skills and competencies of talent acquisition teams, as well as improving the recruiting processes that they use.

This white paper discusses how Lean recruiting principles can help HR teams work smarter and focus their time and energy on hiring the right person for the right job, and also includes best practices from leading healthcare organizations.

In this white paper you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply Lean recruiting principles
  • Manage the business with data and facts
  • Improve service delivery to internal customers
  • Make informed decisions that benefit the entire organization

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Improving Performance Through Lean Principles

“The recruiting team looked at the number of hires and requisition loads per recruiter, but the use of metrics was sporadic. By applying Lean principles, the organization determined what efficiency and effectiveness should look like, as well as what tools and tactics would be most helpful to achieve those goals.” – Brent Bultema, Director of Allied Health Recruitment, Mayo Clinic.

“Before the metrics were publicized, the healthcare executives were unaware of the immense pressure that the recruiting team was under. When they saw the data, it made a powerful case for additional headcount.”– Candy S. Lindsay, BS, RACR, Senior Director, Talent Management and Operations, Vanderbilt University and Medical Center.