Talent Acquisition Insights for 2020 and Beyond

Gaining efficiencies in your hiring process and reducing your recruiting spend can be challenging. Hiring managers and recruiters, more so now than ever before, are constantly looking for ways to increase their candidate pipeline, identify top applicants, speed up the hiring process, and improve the new hire experience. You need to focus on the people, processes, and technologies - but how do you decide where to begin?

Watch our on-demand webinar focusing on four specific challenges we hear are top-of-mind for hiring managers:

  1. Sourcing and Pre-Screening
  2. Interview Management
  3. Reference Checking
  4. New Hire Onboarding

Head into 2020 with a strategic plan to decrease your time-to-fill, improve your quality-of-hire, and deliver a high-quality resident experience!

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Maureen McGinness

Senior Director of Product Marketing & Strategy


Martha Abercrombie

Product Marketing Strategist

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