HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing Services
Empowering organizations with marketing tactics to create a competitive recruiting strategy

HealthcareSource is offering a powerful service that brings together our technology with expert recruitment marketing services by Fusion Marketing Group. Through our combined solution, you will receive immediate value to improve your recruiting efforts while building data and marketing tools that will be provided when you’re ready to invest in technology.

Leveraging HealthcareSource’s recruitment marketing platform, Fusion Marketing Group will understand your unique brand to:

  • Build your custom talent network to create brand awareness and an online community to attract candidates
  • Develop custom marketing campaigns and email templates to engage with a larger percentage of your labor market and nurture candidate relationships at scale
  • Provide additional retargeting marketing tactics, extending your reach with targeted social media ads, paid search ads and more traditional digital methods
  • Track and measure campaign performance to inform investment decisions

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How do you know if our recruitment marketing service offering is right for you?

  • You have already purchased HealthcareSource Recruitment Marketing and need help with the “marketing” side of the recruiting process.
  • You don’t have sourcers and need a “jump-start” to attract more candidates, reduce time-to-fill, and build your brand within your labor market.
  • You don’t have the technology or headcount budget but you have program spend you could reallocate to get started.
  • You know this is the right direction but you need a successful proof-of-concept to convince your leadership team.

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