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Seven Deadly Sins of Waste in Recruitment

Lean and Six Sigma is a way of thinking that can and should result in a cultural transformation for those who adopt the methodologies, tools and techniques. At its core, it is a quest to find and eliminate all waste and transform into an efficient organization.

In this webinar replay, you will learn how to utilize the Lean principle — Seven Deadly Sins of Waste — to develop a customer-centric, efficient healthcare recruitment process.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Understanding the recruitment definitions of the Seven Deadly Sins of Waste
  • Leveraging time tested principles to save hours wasted on non-valued added activities
  • Implementing Lean recruitment best practices
  • Embarking on a Lean transformation journey and keys to success
  • Developing a culture passionate about continuous improvement and lifelong learning

David Szary, Founder, The Recruiter Academy and Sr. Vice President, Recruiting Services, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource  
Dana Cates, Sr. Consultant, Lean Human Capital by HealthcareSource

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