Recruitment Marketing 101 for Healthcare Talent Acquisition: Improve Your Efforts with Modern Marketing Techniques and Software

Recruitment marketing is more than just a buzzword. At its core, it’s everything a recruiting organization does to find and attract candidates before they even submit their applications. Recruitment marketing combines facets of both recruiting and marketing to help you optimize your talent acquisition practices.

In this white paper we discuss how to:

  • Attract candidates to your organization
  • Strategically source both active and passive candidates
  • Employ strategies to boost and maintain candidate engagement
  • Optimize your recruiting processes by using data and analytics

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Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Implementing a recruitment marketing strategy today is easier than ever. Thanks to recruitment marketing software, like that from HealthcareSource®, you can use one system to implement all of your talent acquisition marketing activities, and then you can access data and analytics to make sure you are getting the most out of your program.