HCAHPS & Performance Management: A Solution-Oriented Approach to Achieve Organizational Goals

To become and remain a patient-centric organization, healthcare organizations need to have a strategy for promoting employee behaviors that support HCAHPS and for evaluating employees accordingly.

This white paper outlines how healthcare organizations leverage performance management tools to not only improve the patient experience, but also improve the working conditions of the staff in charge of those experiences. We’ll also touch on the importance of cultivating a Patient-Centered Workforce™ and look at how effective employee performance management can help not only improve HCAHPS results, but potentially save your organization money, too.

Download this white paper to learn three performance management strategies:

  • Identify employee behaviors that are truly critical to patient satisfaction
  • Set and work towards performance goals, and ensure alignment to HCAHPS
  • Provide consistent, actionable feedback

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Benefits of Performance Management Systems

Performance management systems can help your healthcare organization focus more time on growing a strong team of devoted professionals. When you focus on goal setting and use clear data to inform desired employee actions, you’ll likely experience improvement in employee satisfaction, retention, and ultimately — HCAHPS results.