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The Journey to a Paperless HR Record

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton (RWJ), a high reliability organization that understands the importance of following Lean principles, recently began their journey to a paperless HR record. Through the use of technology, many processes have now been digitized for streamlined accessibility and efficiencies for the HR team.

Learn how the hospital utilizes an integrated suite of software designed specifically for health care to provide continuous improvement in managing applicant tracking, behavioral assessments, performance appraisals and education. You’ll hear how the recent software implementation to track competencies also allowed for the digitization of the orientation checklist process.

This webinar replay showcases the RWJ journey – where they began, their current state and what they are planning for the future. As in any journey, challenges and lessons learned were encountered and will be shared to help you in your health care organization’s journey.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Identify the need for a paperless HR record
  • Understand the process flow for this project
  • Discuss lessons learned on this journey

Presented by: Cheryl Prall, MSN, RN Director, Center for Professional Development, Innovation and Research Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton Hamilton, N.J.

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