Survey Management — Create, Manage, and Analyze Survey Data

Take a tour of HealthcareSource Survey ManagementSM — a compensation market data solution that simplifies creating, managing, and analyzing the survey data that influences your salary recommendations and adjustment decisions, helping you stay competitive when you’re recruiting and retaining healthcare talent.

 Survey Management allows you to:

  • Create and customize pay markets to match your facility, size, and location
  • Access all of your compensation surveys stored in a secure, online repository
  • Match surveys with jobs quickly, with all of the data loaded for you every year
  • Utilize pre-built survey participation files for all of your surveys
  • Model an unlimited number of structures
  • Directly link salary structures to survey data and company information

With Survey Management, you can focus on strategy, and use accurate, timely data insights to make faster, well-informed compensation decisions.

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