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Please Don't Go: Using Assessment and Selection to Improve Retention

Poor retention in healthcare is a major and ongoing problem. In addition, as the economy has improved, competition for top talent has increased, resulting in more options for your very best employees.

In this webinar replay, Dr. Frederick Morgeson reviews the key results of his recently completed Hospital Retention Study and discusses the different reasons hospital staff leave and the ways in which hospitals can enhance retention through their talent management and employee development practices.

Tabitha Lane from HealthcareSource explains how the Retention Index component of HealthcareSource Staff AssessmentSM works to help you better understand why studying retention matters and how you can harness the assessment to offer the right development opportunities to your employees.

At the end of this session, you will be better equipped to:

  • Recognize reasons hospital staff leave their jobs
  • Develop selection practices that can enhance retention
  • Determine why benchmarking retention matters
  • Understand how to identify development opportunities for employees
  • Deploy an assessment solution that can help you achieve better retention

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